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High conflict lawyers are typically advisable and required for high conflict divorces. Angel Burke Law is experienced with high conflict divorces. Parties living in a high conflict divorce find it impossible to deal with the complexities of the various issues without a high conflict attorney. A high conflict divorce can be sometimes characterized as a divorce proceeding with one or all of the following characteristics:

  • where the parties are completely unable to solve their differences in any resemblance of civility,
  • have an inability to communicate,
  • exhibit uncontrolled intense emotions,
  • have a history of aggression,
  • have a history of abuse,
  • show extreme behavior,
  • have an absolute denial of responsibility and accountability of one’s own behavior,
  • thrive in a preoccupation of blaming others for actions they routinely engage in,
  • take a winner takes all attitude, and
  • believe that the ends justify the means.

High conflict attorneys will know quickly whether one or both parties are driving the relentless disputes; but in a divorce, due to the court process, even if one party is clearly the powerhouse, both must engage and be prepared for a long, drawn out, emotionally draining experience. The reasons for high conflict divorce are many but could involve, narcissistic personality, domestic violence, emotional abuse, power imbalance, mental health issues, drug abuse, and alcohol/addiction issues.

Having an experienced high conflict attorney by your side, representing and protecting you through the process will help ease the inherent problems that will arise.

If you have are involved in a difficult divorce, call (508) 377-4562 for reliable legal advice specific to your situation. We serve Norfolk County and the surrounding area, including Medway, Millis, Dover, Franklin, Walpole, and Bellingham.

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