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“Brian was awesome.”


“May I say what a God send…Brian was awesome. He took care of my case like no other. Friendly, caring, and his knowledge of how every works and how it would turn out was on spot. I would suggest his law firm to any and all needing someone you can trust and put you faith in. Again thank you for your great help.”


“Brian was simply the best!”


“Brian was simply the best! He helped out my wife and I with the adoption of our son. He was helpful throughout the whole process. He answered every question I had. We couldn’t thank him enough! Highly recommend”

–Andrew D.

“Brian has been my Angel.”


“Brian has been my Angel, he supported me and fought for me and we accomplished all we set out to do and I’m very grateful for his presence and work to help me move on with my life, I highly recommend him.”

–Marcella R.

“I would definitely recommend him to a friend.”


“Brian helped me out through what could have been a very difficult divorce but he managed to keep it all in line and got the job done quickly and in a very professional manner. I would definitely recommend him to a friend.”

–Michael O.

“I cannot say enough good things about Brian Angel-Burke as an attorney.”


“I cannot say enough good things about Brian Angel-Burke as an attorney. Brian was my attorney in a recent divorce and I am more than pleased with how he handled it. I found him through a mutual friend to defend me in after my 26-year marriage had dissolved and my wife asked me for a divorce. Brian was able to keep me on track and not panic. He is a wonderfully competent attorney and was able to calm me down during a very stressful event. His legal and personal advice were right on I found his fees to be fair and reasonable compared to what other people have told me their divorces cost. I would without question recommend Atty. Angel-Burke as the preferred selection if you ever need an attorney.”

–Mark K.

“Attorney Angel Burke represented himself with a professionalism.”


“I first came into knowing who Attorney Angel Burke was just by making random phone calls a few years back for needs in my personal life. At the time I had only had a brief phone interaction, but felt something positive from the other end. Attorney Angel Burke first represented another family matter of mine in their personal matters and that family member had the same positive experience that I soon came to encounter. Attorney Angel Burke represented himself with a professionalism I very much expected from an attorney, but also (which for myself the following was most appreciated) an even temper even we he was frustrated with situations, a sense of MY reality and not enforcing a “what is typical” or “what is expected” attitude based on other cases or “common practice”, a calmness, and a genuine understanding that this was MY life being changed and altered, not his. I very much am grateful for feeling as though all the work I put into my own personal matters was not ignored; it was actually reviewed and used, I felt as though I was heard and understood; not just listened to, and I felt constant respect. He not only asked how things were going just to ask, but genuinely cared to hear that things we worked so hard on were making life easier/smoother and if not, what I would like to do about making changes. I have since referenced his information to other individuals and would strongly urge anyone to consider meeting with Attorney Angel Burke, and if you are hesitant to hire him all I can say is you should know it is very rare you will find another who do the work he does, who connects with the reality of YOUR life and allows a perspective that takes you out of any anger and frustrations you may be having to focus on the pieces that truly have meaning and purpose for your own life when the legal pieces are removed. He focuses on the “down the road” perspective that YOU have to live in, not him, and that is something I very much appreciate.”

–Meg D.

“Compassionate, responsive yet a tenacious litigator when the need arises.”


“I have referred several matters to Brian. You will not find a superior lawyer to help you through troublesome matters. Compassionate, responsive yet a tenacious litigator when the need arises. I highly recommend Brian as your best advocate.”

–Theodore C.

“Brian is dedicated to obtaining favorable outcomes for each and every one one of his clients.”


“Brian is dedicated to obtaining favorable outcomes for each and every one one of his clients. I would not hesitate to hire Brian as my own counsel and am always pleased to recommend him to others who need a strong advocate and experienced litigator in family law matters.”

–Mary S.

“Brian guided me through the entire process.”


“I imagine I’m like most people. Reasonably bright and worldly but suddenly discovering I’ve entered the unfamiliar world of divorce proceedings for the first time. All the web-based research I tried did not adequately de-mystify the complex nuances or give me any confidence as to where I stood in such an important and consequential process. I worked closely with Brian to outline my story and my hopes for resolution and Brian guided me through the entire process, explaining the points of law, the customs and idiosyncracies of the court system and separating emotion from fact as well as common sense from legal process. More importantly, Brian’s compassion, strategic planning, detailed and masterful preparation, coaching and polished court-room execution were in evidence at all times and the highly successful outcome, in my case, was the inevitable result.”

–Bruce A.