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Contempt of Court & Divorce

Contempt of Court & Spousal Support

Spousal support attorneys, child support attorneys, and child custody attorneys are frequently asked about what to do when their spouse, ex-spouse, or other parent does not do what the court ordered him/her to do. Contempt. Contempt of court can occur during your divorce or at anytime after court issues orders or a judgment.

Alimony attorneys typically file contempt of court for spousal support when the ex-spouse stops paying. Child support lawyers file contempt of court for child support when one side obtains a much better paying job. Child custody lawyers file contempt when one parent unilaterally takes their children at the expense of the other parent’s parenting time.

For family law attorneys filing a contempt it is not a quick and easy process. Family law attorneys know that two factors need to be met: Is there a clear and unequivocal order and did the other party intentionally violate that order? Family law attorneys will ask specific and probing questions to get the answers they need to properly advise you.

If the facts show that a party is in violation of a court order or judgment, then the client will authorize the attorney to file a complaint for contempt asking the court to hold the offending party in contempt and ordering him or her to comply with the order or judgment. As the client, be ready to show the court evidence of the violation.

If found guilty, the offending party is statutory bound to pay your counsel fees.

Angel Burke Law frequently files complaints for contempt for their clients. Contact Angel Burke Law today to find out if it is likely that a contempt would be successful.

Defending Against A Contempt

Child support attorneys, spousal support attorneys, and child custody attorneys frequently are also asked, as frequently, how to defend against a contempt action that their spouse, ex-spouse, or other parent has brought against them. Typically, the response is “File an Answer and fight back!” There are many defenses available to defendants in a contempt, but they are fact specific. Have emails, receipts, and other evidence to support your defense. Knowing how to properly defend against contempt claims are in the toolbox of a family law attorney.

Angel Burke Law frequently defends against complaints for contempt for their clients. Contact Angel Burke Law today to find out if it is likely that a defense to the contempt would be successful. We serve Norfolk County and the surrounding area, including Medway, Millis, Dover, Franklin, Walpole, and Bellingham.

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